Tom and Keiko

Thanks so much for introducing us to the delights of Hamburg. What a great place to live – we had a fantastic time, and it was a real privilege to be shown around by you both.


Pierre, Marie et Oscar

Wir sind da. Es war Rolland. Wir sahen die Queen Mary II. Wir gingen zum Strand. Wir tranken Bier. Wir aßenWürste. Es sollte WaffenCity. Es war in vielen Parks. Wir sahen Schildkröten. Wir aßen Eis. Wir tranken Bier. Wir waren in einem runden Bett. Wir aßen Spargel. Es wurde gesagt, dass die Sauce Hollandaise nicht sehr gut war.Wir tranken Bier. Wir haben gesehen, dass Alice hatte immer ihr Piercing. Wir waren auf dem Flur überschüttet.Wir aßen großen Kuchen. Wir tranken Bier. Wir setzen einen Fuß in das Wasser. Wir sahen den Hafen. Wir spielten im Sand. Wir sahen, dass die Chicken Masala gut roch. Wir gingen auf den Markt. Wir tranken Bier. Wir hatten ein tolles Zimmer bei der Ankunft. Es gab ein großes Durcheinander. Wir sahen das Finale der Champions League. Die Deutschen nicht immer am Ende gewinnen. 
Danke Julie und Klingling.


Justine et Antoine

Merci pour ce super WE  hamburgers ! 
Accueil digne d'un hôtel 4 étoiles avec petits chocolats sur un plateau d'argent.
Cure de wurst pour le grand plaisir d'Antoine qui ne s'en est pas encore remis " j'veux une wuuuuuurst".
Petite balade dans les quartiers d'hamburg.
Plongée pour une soirée dans les coulisses d'arte, un grand moment d'incompréhension entre spectacle de cris pendant une partie de ping-pong et concert de bruits de prout dans un trombone et de grattage de mandoline à la petite cuillère. Mémorable ! 
et enfin quelle chance en ce mois de janvier un dimanche sous un grand soleil, balade en petit bateau au milieu de gros très gros bateaux et promenade en roland. 
Contente d'avoir découvert ton petit univers et surtout un peu plus Henning.
Un super WE de break en ce dur hiver.
Merci encore !!!!


Aurelie, Stephane, Julie et Guillaume

C était très bien. J ai beaucoup aimé le moment ou tu as proposé du café et que en vrai tout le monde en avait déjà eu. La fois où Aurélie a volé une frite à Stéphane pendant qu 'il regardait la neige tomber. J 'ai moins aimé quand j'ai découvert au restaurant que la vitre était fêlée certainement à cause d'un choc thermique entre un vitrage intérieur tout chaud à cause du chauffage du restaurant et le vitrage extérieure la tête dans la neige... Ce sont des choses qui arrivent.
En plus a un moment on a vu un gros bateau noir avec des conteneurs et c'était joli surtout celui qui était rouge.
J'ai aimé avec modération  la fois ou j'ai pas pu avoir un mojito mais je vais me renseigner pour pas ne pas me faire berner par le maître des jeux au jeu de rôles.
Voila mes meilleures moment du week end sans oublier la peinture rouge et jaune.

Super weekend ! Je suis ravi de cette visite d'hambourg et de vous avoir rencontré Ening et Alice ! A très bientôt sur Paris, il va falloir que l'on teste pas mal de bars pour retrouver d'aussi bonnes ambiances ;-)

En tout cas je vous remercie pour ce week end, encore une fois c'était parfait!!
Merci merci merci, et vous êtes les bienvenus à Paris quand vous voulez!!!
Merci pour tes cadeaux, pour votre accueil, pour votre bonne humeur, pour tout, c'est toujours un plaisir de venir vous voir!!
La prochaine fois je tente le grand froid hambourgeois ;-)
Pleins de bisous à vous deux.


my first comment

hallo ma puce,
this is very nice



Today we decided that it would be nice to have an "electronic" guest book for our visitors, to leave us their feeling about Hamburg and "Chez Alice and Henning"!


Andrew & Nicky

Dear H + A,
Thanks for a fantastic weekend, we really enjoyed ourselves, see you in London when your room is ready!
Think I only left one T shirt, but at least I remembered to take my pants out of the shower cupboard door…
Will send the other photos soon
Liebe gruesse
A + N

Thanks for photos too...very funny.
Great weekend, thank you both for looking after us so well.
Hope to see you again soon nxxx.



It was wonderful to see you again, and great to meet Henning, he is so nice - you both made me feel very welcome! :) thankyou.
Thankyou for looking after me while I was visiting you. I will keep in touch, I promise! I hope to see you in Australia.
Tony xoxoxo



48 years after the Beatles smashed Hamburg again 5 people from the island were happy to hit the legendary grounds. But Hamburg is not conquered easily. Arriving by airplane it can happen that you end up in one of the towns close by if the weather is moody. In our (Michael & Vernes) case it was Bremen. Great, two places in one go, but no problem at all as the German rail network is excellent.
Feeling like a mere boy in the company of a team that had been together for years, I sensed the reassuring hand of the tall German patting my back, making me feel comfortable in the unknown territory of Deutschland. I had found my big brother. We were still far from our destination, but it was ok because Michael knew where we needed to go. An unexpected train journey fueled with exciting conversation made up for the 5am uncomfortable silence experienced on the bus and airplane beforehand. We were getting on. I was happy.

Arriving in Hamburg might make you hungry. By accident we went to the best sausage place in town. The Mö-Grill at the underground station Mönckebergstraße. Its basically a typical "Imbiß" as you can find them everywhere in Germany. There is only a shelter for the people preparing the food, the guests "en passant" are standing outside, ideally under some sort of canopy or umbrella. Its quick, easy and usually good. The Mö-Grill is very good, because of its fresh products and the variety of specialities. Being built around the two entrances to the underground station it even looks decent. We enjoyed a good Currywurst and kept our companions waiting in our holiday flat.

My newfound confidence was rapidly diminished on arriving at the flat, when I earnt the name Spatkinder and got heckled by the more lasting figures of Avanti Tour F.C. I was scared. It was a short period of self doubt, which was soon followed with ease and laughter. From exchanging a few words about architecture with Alan to exchanging a few words about Salsa with Lynn. I had found my family. I was happy again. We grabbed our cameras and left for the Docks where I was to meet a man called Henning. He sounded like another prominent member of the team who was to complete my Avanti Tour F.C. initiation process by making me down 2 pints of schnaps and throwing me into the water... 2 free drinks I thought? I was excited.

"Hola Chicas!!!", Belted a voice from 20 metres. He was huge!

A boat trip in the port of Hamburg every good tourist is doing. Its just like seeing Big Ben in London, but much better, more substantial. We enjoyed being on the water, with fresh air in our noses after having spend already nearly 2 days walking around Hamburg. And we got completely new views on the city which our skipper was more than happy to comment on. Unfortunately my fellows didn't understand most of it but I (Michael) was more than happy to translate the essence. The skipper was one of these characters too good to be true but you also half expect them in this environment. He was old, had spent most of his life all over the world on ships. The stories he told us about this, including pirates, other criminals, wifes and children in the far east, but also we enjoyed much more. But on such a boat trip you also can get easily in touch with other tourist, two young women for instance. Being from southern Germany Hamburg was exotic enough for them to be curious and to visit it as tourists, already the second time. In the course of the conversation they recommended us the fish market where they also planned to go the next day.

The fish market is another thing Hamburg seems to be famous for. Also Henning strongly recommended it but he didn't want to join us to go there at 5 o'clock in the morning after a long night out. The usual excuses followed: I've been there, I know it, I am busy with other things in the morning. No wonder! We got to our flat at around 2 a.m. still honestly thinking of going, set the alarm clock, but 3 hours later didn't bother about it. It could not have been that good.

On waking up I expected to look to my left and michael cuddled up with his new friends from the boat trip. Or atleast to see one of them. But it was just michael, complaining about not going. He was left to wonder what could have been. I am sure he still does. I do.

Everyone knows the Reeperbahn, the famous Hamburg red light district, but I bet only a few are familiar with the Hermannstraße. Luckily our caring hosts Alice et Henning also took us to that place which I would describe without overstatement as the end of the world. Its a little, short street locked off either side by fences. From outside you cant look in and only men are allowed to enter. So the lads of our little group agreed this experience. Inside you only can get disappointed, despite the fantastic light there is. All the houses have huge windows at ground floor where half naked women sit in on display. All of the woman probably think they were pretty, but most of them have already gone off, just by sitting there. And although they expose themselves that way they don't seem to like photographs being taken. We saw one woman, getting annoyed over a tourist, starting a row and nearly jumping out of her little living room. At the end its probably only a question of the right prize to make her also like a camera.

So by the third time of walking up and down the street we decided it was enough, but we had seen a things that will haze our memories forever. I was very happy. It gave content for conversation, which was to follow.

One day we had enough of the busy metropolis and decided to have a stroll around Blankenese. Compared to the centre this part of Hamburg is like countryside, tranquility everywhere. As our trip was half dedicated to architecture we dragged Susie and Lynn along to visit the house Michaelsen in Falkenstein close to Blankenese. It was built in 1922 by the local modernist architect Karl Schneider. In retrospective you can easily describe the house as ahead of its time and even 86 years after it is still a fascinating pleasure to explore the house, the grounds and the location as one ingenious creation.

Going to Henning and Alice's place was a great experience. I think I actually cycled there. A Gerrit Rietveld, Wii Sports projected onto a wall, and Avanti gossip games. It was a bloody good night. Henning told us all how much he liked Paul Garvey, Michael told us about how much he liked someone in the office and wouldn't tell us her name. And Lynn told us everything. Good times. It felt great, learning about everybody in the office and enjoying some nice conversation. Definitely the highlight of the trip for me.